Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide and Complete Specification

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Table of Content:

    1. The Introduction to Sony SLT-A99V
    2. Overall Look of Sony SLT-A99V
    3. Sony SLT-A99V Specification
    4. Price of Canon Sony SLT-A99V
    5. Sony SLT-A99V User Manual Guide

The Introduction to Sony SLT-A99V Manual

Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide and Complete SpecificationA manual must be something important as complement of a product. With this manual, users will have a bridge to the deeper understanding of the product itself. This is because in the manual book, there will be a lot of information obtained.

Something like specification, instruction, operation, parts, and other will be well-provided here. That’s why by employing the manual, you will be able to know more detail about the product you are using easily. And that’s exactly what motivates us to provide the Sony SLT-A99V Manual to you.

Overall Look of Sony SLT-A99V Manual

But, before jumping to the Sony SLT-A99V Manual, firstly, we will talk about the specification of this product first. And to begin with, the overall look will be the first thing to discuss.

Overall, this eye-catching compact camera has a very good grasp that would make it effortless to carry around anywhere. The 16-50mm zoom kit and lens has a new design that makes the whole kit to be much friendly to be carried around.

Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide and Complete Specification

The body is quite identical with the A77.If you are familiar with the A77 from Sony, you will feel just like home. Both of the cameras, A77 and A99V are constructed to a high standard. It has a weather-sealed body with chassis in magnesium-alloy.

There is also a front panel that is in plastic material, the tough one. Sony has claimed this SLT-A99V camera is the lightest full-frame camera in the market. It is also one of the smallest that could be comfortable for a long day’s shoot. Even though the body dimension is smaller, it doesn’t mean that when you use chunkier and heavier pro lenses will make it unbalanced. The button layout of the A99’s rear is similar with the A77.

The Specification of Sony SLT-A99V Camera

Based on the Sony SLT-A99V manual, this camera can deliver excellent photos and great video. The construction of the body is well-built that is intelligently designed. This Sony SLT-A99V offers some great features and solid performances. This well-built camera is a premium full frame DSLR. It is also the long awaited camera that follows the success of the predecessors.

Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide and Complete SpecificationThe sony translucent technology would be the headline of this cool camera. It marks the end of optical viewfinders in DSLRs from Sony.

Nowadays, sony has become one of the leading innovators in new camera technology.

This camera is in face-to-face competition with Canon EOS 5D Mark II and Nikon D800. It’s easy for Sony to beat them, because the rivals don’t have what Sony SLT-A99V has.

Based on the Sony SLT-A99V manual, this camera features a 24.3MP full frame CMOS sensor. The sensor offers new optical low-pass filter and also 200,000 shots shutter rate. With that kind of sensor, you can improve noise performance because of the better light sensitivity of this camera.

You can shoot continuously at 6fps for full resolution and 10fps for cropped resolution. This camera can record full HD 60p videos. There is a microphone socket that would support the audio of your video. This awesome camera is provided with a GPS inside.

The Price and Impression of Sony SLT-A99V Camera

Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide and Complete SpecificationThe good thing that people like in this Sony SLT-A99V is the results that this camera gives.

It has very good performances and feature set. The lack of CompactFlash and a poor life of the battery is the one that Sony should be working on for the next one.

If you want to get this camera, just try purchasing it on the camera store offline or online. It is worth for 900 dollars for body only.

Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide

As it is stated in the first line, the aim of this article is to bring the Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide. With this user guide, we hope that we can help both users and enthusiast to understand better about this camera product.

Further, the Sony SLT-A99V Manual User Guide will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access this user guide, it will be better to download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 8.22MB)

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