Sony SLT-A65VL Manual for Sony Awesome Camera with Excellent Image and Detail

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    1. The Introduction
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    3. Camera Specification
    4. Price and Impression
    5. Camera User Guide

The Introduction to Sony SLT-A65VL Manual

Sony SLT-A65VL Manual for Sony Awesome Camera with Excellent Image and DetailOne of the ways for users in understanding their electronic product such as digital camera is by reading the manuals of it. This is why manual matters, especially due to the rich information inside. With this manual, user can gain so many information regarding to the digital camera product they are having.

Some information such as specification, features, camera pars, and more will be provided well in the manual. So, it is not something odd if many people say that a manual book is one of the most important aspects for digital camera product. And apparently, this is what motivates us to bring the Sony SLT-A65VL Manual here.

The Overall Look of Sony SLT-A65VL Camera

Indeed, specification is something that decides the quality of a digital camera product. But, people not only see a certain product only by its specification. In fact, there are many considerations in buying a certain camera product, including look.

For many years, look plays a big role in attracting people to buy a camera. And it seems like Sony has sensed this fact carefully. It is proven by releasing the Sony SLT-A65VL product. With the high technology inside and nicely done cover outside, this product is ready to rock the market.

Sony SLT-A65VL Manual for Sony Awesome Camera with Excellent Image and DetailThe design of this Alpha SLT series is sleek and low slung. It appears squatter than then other cameras in the same market level. Instead of the traditional optical viewfinder, this camera has the Electronic one. When you compare this Sony SLT-A65VL with the A77, this camera is smaller all round.

You can compare it with the closest rivals, the canon EOS 600D. Unlike the A77 that has a magnesium alloy body, this affordable camera has an all-plastic body shell. The solid handgrip makes this camera is comfortable to hold. The LCD top plate display is not existed, that would be such a disappointment for this camera because that top plate display is typical for this class.

The Specification of Sony SLT-A65VL

Since the first launch, Sony targets a broader market than the A77 which was launched in the same time. A77 was designed to get attention to high-end photography enthusiasts. It’s different with the A65; it is designed for broader market, because this camera is more affordable.

Another version of SLT-A65 is this one. It’s Sony SLT-A65VL. What is the difference between the one with VL and the one without the VL. Referring to the Sony SLT-A65VL manual, the difference is in the lens. In VL version, the users will get the 18-55mm Lens. Even though, this camera is an old model, but the function is still Gold.Sony SLT-A65VL Manual for Sony Awesome Camera with Excellent Image and DetailBased on the Sony SLT-A65VL manual, this cool camera has a 24.3MP APS-C CMOS sensor to play with. It’s completed with the 18-55mm Lens. Sony SLT-A65VL can shoot 10 frames per second continuously. There is a 15-point AF system with ISO 100-1600 that can be expanded up to 25,600.

You can capture a 1080p HD video. On the rear side, it has a 921,600 dotted articulated LCD in 3inch. With OLED EVF, you can set the amazing shots you want. You can set the flash automatically when shooting, because there is a pop-up built flash and hotshoe in this camera.

The Price and Impression of Sony SLT-A65VL

Sony SLT-A65VL Manual for Sony Awesome Camera with Excellent Image and DetailThe asking price of this bad boy is 789 pounds. With that price, you get this camera along with the 18-55mm kit lens.

Sony SLT-A65VL is a great mid-price DSLR which can give you performances in high levels. It has an excellent image quality that gives you an awesome detail.

People love the fact that this camera can shoot up to 10fps in high resolution and with fast autofocus.

Some people think that the 18-55mm is low in quality and that is not good for camera performance. The slower memory card suffers the performances too.

Sony SLT-A65VL Manual User Guide

We already stated in the first line of this writing that the aim of it is to provide you the Sony SLT-A65VL Manual. With this manual, we hope we can help you understanding this product by providing the reliable information here.

But, before you download the manual, there is one thing that you need to note. In order to provide easy access and simplicity, we provide the manual in PDF file format. So, before you download the manual, it will be better if you download PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 7.59MB)

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