Sony SLT-A35K Manual for Sony’s Leading SLT Camera

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Table of Content:

    1. The Introduction to Sony SLT-A35K
    2. Overall Look of Sony SLT-A35K
    3. Sony SLT-A35K Specification
    4. Price of Canon Sony SLT-A35K
    5. Sony SLT-A35K User Manual Guide

The Introduction to Sony SLT-A35K Manual

Sony SLT-A35K Manual for Sony's Leading SLT CameraA manual must be something important as complement of a product. With this manual, users will have a bridge to the deeper understanding of the product itself. This is because in the manual book, there will be a lot of information obtained.

Something like specification, instruction, operation, parts, and other will be well-provided here. That’s why by employing the manual, you will be able to know more detail about the product you are using easily. And that’s exactly what motivates us to provide the Sony SLT-A35K Manual to you.

Overall Look of Sony SLT-A35K Manual

But, before jumping to the Sony SLT-A35K Manual, firstly, we will talk about the specification of this product first. And to begin with, the overall look will be the first thing to discuss.

Overall, this eye-catching compact camera has a very good grasp that would make it effortless to carry around anywhere. The 16-50mm zoom kit and lens has a new design that makes the whole kit to be much friendly to be carried around.

Sony SLT-A35K Manual for Sony's Leading SLT CameraThis camera has a smaller size than other DSLR. It’s also a bit smaller than the A-65 even though they are in the same weight. There is a single control wheel that is placed below the shutter release at the handgrip’s front. The amount of physical controls in this Sony SLT-A35K is less than DSLR.

This great camera has a cool menu system that gets you easier to change settings. You do not have to scroll through many option pages to look for the setting you want.

There is a Fn button that provides an overlay menu that could help you adjust any of 10 shooting settings. It includes Flash mode, Metering, and Autofocus modes. A nice quality of LCD on the rear of the cameras would display your results.

The Specification of Sony SLT-A35K Camera

Another great thing comes from Sony’s camera series. Based on the Sony SLT A35K manual, this camera is an SLT camera that is different with DSLR. The regular DSLR has a solid mirror that can reflect one hundred percent of what it sees.

Unlike DSLR, SLT cameras like this one is using the translucent mirror design. The mirror at some part reflects the image, and the other part allows it to pass through directly. In other words, this technology provides you a simultaneous live feed to both places. It is provided in phase-detection AF at the camera’s top, and also in the image sensor at the camera’s back.

Sony SLT-A35K Manual for Sony's Leading SLT CameraThis Sony SLT A35K is quite similar with the A55 in terms of core specifications. The main difference of these two is that the A55 is a bit faster at 10 frames per second and has a hinged LCD monitor.

That makes this A35 is not better than the A55. Based on the Sony SLT-A35K manual, Sony puts more distance between these two. But, this camera is still a great deal.

It has an improved 16.2MP APS-C Exmor HD CMOS sensor. For a better low light performance, there is a non-light-sensitive side that is wired to the sensor.

It is supported with the BIONZ image processor from Sony. That technology combination allows you to shoot at 5.5fps in using regularly, or 7fps in using Tele-Zoom.

Price and Impression of Sony SLT-A35K Manual

Sony SLT-A35K Manual for Sony's Leading SLT CameraThis Sony’s Alpha camera is a fast-shooting entry-level DSLR. It has the capability of grabbing photos in low light condition.

It means the results would still be great in any condition. It has a good electronic viewfinder.

That EVF feature makes this camera is quite competitive against other DSLRs with conventional viewfinders.

This Sony SLT A35K camera is worth 700 dollars along with the 18-55mm lens.

Sony SLT-A35K Manual User Guide

As we stated in the first line, the aim of this article is to bring the Sony SLT-A35K Manual User Guide. With this user guide, we hope that we can help both users and enthusiast to understand better about this camera product.

Further, the Sony SLT-A35K Manual here is in form of PDF. So, for you who want to access this user guide, it will be better to download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 12.09MB)

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Finally, we have arrived to the end of this Sony SLT-A35K Manual writing. We really hope that this article could be beneficial for you to update your understanding toward this monochrome camera.

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