Sony ILCA A68 Manual for Sonny’s Super Fast AF Camera

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    1. Sony ILCA A68 Introduction
    2. The Overall Look of Sony ILCA A68
    3. Sony ILCA A68 Specification
    4. Price of Sony ILCA A68
    5. Sony ILCA A68 User Manual Guide

Sony ILCA A68 Manual Introduction

Sony ILCA A68 Manual for Sonny's Super Fast AF CameraThe Sony ILCA A68 Manual is an important manual book, especially for the user of this camera. With this manual book, you will be able to gain a lot of information related to the Sony ILCA A68 camera product. But, before directly jumping in to the Sony ILCA A68 Manual, it will be better to talk about the specification first. And to begin the talk about it, the overall look of this product will be a good start.

Sony ILCA A68 Overall Look

As the part of Sony ILCA A68 Manual, look seems to be the main concern of Canon. And in this product, it seems like Canon has a little bit lost in this principle. By the design, nothing special you can find in Sony ILCA A68.

Rounded body from composite material used in it will bring solidity and durability. But, the issue still comes from Sony ILCA A68. It is related to the clearance between the handgrip and the lens mounting which is too narrow. Surely, it will be big deal if you have a big size in hand.

Sony ILCA A68 Manual for Sonny's Super Fast AF Camera

Unlike the conventional DSLR, the Translucent Mirror Technology applied in Sony A68 allows it have a compact and smaller body. It has 142.6 x 104.2 x 82.8 mm in dimension and 596grams in weight. The body is made of plastic that has good built quality but the absence of weather sealing may be a bad scenario for outdoor photography.

The balance and handling is good enough thanks to big handgrip and plenty room between the lens mounting and handgrip that allows you to hold it comfortably.

On the top of its body, you will find a small LCD that show setting information of the camera, good idea to make sure you are in the right setting. Sony A68 is featured with 2.7 inch tilting LCD on the rear side as well as a familiar layout of its setting buttons.

The Specification of Sony ILCA A68 Camera

The world of photography is moving to the popularity of compact camera since it is simple and easy to carry with affordable price. Sony is like to answer this challenge by releasing Sony ILCA A68 as the DSLR-like camera with interchange lens capability.

This Sony ILCA A68 is the answer of market need to a compact camera that can perform like a DSLR but with more affordable price. This camera brings what the beginner and enthusiast may expect to move from pocket camera user. Check this review to know more what Sony ILCA A68 can do.

Sony ILCA A68 Manual for Sonny's Super Fast AF Camera

From the heart of A68, you will find a 24.2 MP APS-C sized Exmor CMOS sensor that works very good with ISO range from 100 – 25,600. Based on Sony ILCA A68 manual, this camera also offers latest technology of 4D AF system with 79 point auto focus completed with 15 cross point. This AF system offers incredibly fast focus lock featured with in body stabilizer system to reduce shake.

Further, Sony ILCA A68 is also featured with powerful BIONZ X powerful that delivers powerful image reproduction and noise reduction for specific area. Sony ILCA A68 manual tells that this technology delivers a good quality for every single photo you take. For metering mode, Sony ILCA A68 provides 1200-zones multi segment, center weight and spot. Continuous shot is also improved with continuous AF for quick continuous shot up to 5fps for Hi mode.

Sony ILCA A68 Camera Price and Impression

Sony ILCA A68 Manual for Sonny's Super Fast AF CameraDelivering these all features in Sony ILCA A68, it is released with USD $600. This is considered affordable for a full package of powerful machine in small size.

A powerful AF lock, continuous AF I continuous shot and latest BIONZ X processor are ones of what you can get in Sony ILCA A68.

For connectivity, this camera is featured with modern HDMI out, you can simply connect it to TV or monitor. Sony ILCA A68 supports SD and Memory stick card to expand storage.

Sony ILCA A68 Manual

As stated before, the aim of providing this article is to bring Sony ILCA A68 manual into the surface. Therefore, for you who are looking for the information related to it, referring to below PDF will be the good idea.

Here, you will find a lot of information regarding to the specification, camera parts, instruction, and others. And as it is stated before, the Sony ILCA A68 manual will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access this information, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software.

Download (PDF, 1.54MB)

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