Sony DSC D770 Manual for Sony’s Mixed Digicam and DSLR Camera

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    1. Sony DSC D770 User Manual Introduction
    2. The Overall Look of Sony DSC D770
    3. Specification of Sony DSC D770
    4. Price of Sony DSC D770
    5. Sony DSC D770 User Manual Guide

Sony DSC D770 Manual Introduction

Sony DSC D770 Manual for Sony's Mixed Digicam and DSLR Camera

Sony is one of the world-well known camera manufacturers. Due to this matter, the company has always been trying to bring high level products to supply the market. As an example, now we have one Sony camera sophisticated product that bring a lot of features.

It is called Sony DSC D770. With the high quality of material used paired with Sony typical technology, this camera has turned to be something great among competitors. And to support the functionality of it, now we provide you the Sony DSC D770 manual. This is a manual that will be useful for both users and enthusiast.

Sony DSC D770 Out-Case Look

As we stated before, the talk about specification came first before we go through Sony DSC D770 Manual. To begin the conversation, let’s start with the overall look of this camera. And since this is the product of world’s popular camera manufacturer, then look must be a concern.

Secure handling is the first thing appears in Sony DSC D770. It is not too much since rubberized layer can be found in almost whole of the body of Sony DSC D770.

Sony DSC D770 Manual for Sony's Mixed Digicam and DSLR CameraThe first impression when you are using this camera is that Sony DSC D770is that this is heavy, it is almost impossible to handle with one hand only.

But the handle is good enough with the presence of big handgrip that fits in your hand and gives secure handling. Sony DSC D770 has both optical view finder and an LCD that works also as a playback screen.

On the top of Sony DSC D770, a secondary LCD is placed to show important information in shooting, this camera has a pop out flash and support external flash with hot shoe. The big lens in Sony DSC D770 covers almost the half of entire front surface, it is the house of 5x zoom lens that allows user to get closer image without losing detail.

The Specification of Sony DSC D770 Camera

A combination of simplicity in digicam with manual control of SLR will always be something interesting. And that is what you can see in Sony DCS D770. This camera is a digicam with capability of full manual control. Sony DSC is suitable as a bridge for those who want to move from digital camera to a more serious camera.

Added with a set of interesting features, Sony DSC D770 can be a reliable choice in a middle range digicam. What can Sony DSC D770 offer for you? Here is the review of Sony DSC D770.Sony DSC D770 Manual for Sony's Mixed Digicam and DSLR Camera

Based on the Sony DSC D770 manual, this camera has 1.5 MP CCD sensor that support 5x lens zoom and 2x digital zoom. The presence of manual adjustment around the lens is helpful to get best focus and zoom you want.

Sony DSC D770 support automatic focus also. The aperture on lens is f/2.0 – f11 in wide angle photo and f2.4 – f11 for tele.

Further, the Sony DSC D770 manual also tells that you may choose ISO provided on DSC D770 from 50, 100 or 400.

Another features that is interesting is the presence of shutter speed priority and aperture priority that allow you to manually control the shutter speed and aperture to get best effect you want like bokeh or another creative photo shot. For burst shoot, Sony DSC D770 support up to 2fps with OVF. Find another review of Sony DSC D770 in here.

Sony DSC D770 Manual for Sony's Mixed Digicam and DSLR CameraThe Price and Impression of Sony DSC D770 Camera

Sony DSC D770 is one of best choices in the market. Released in USD $1899 in price, this camera meets what you expect from a hybrid digicam.

This is even better with Li-ion battery with AccuPower that shows battery power in minutes.

This camera also supports better storage with newest Sony MemoryStick system.

Overall, Sony DSC D770 is very recommended to buy.

Sony DSC D770 Manual User Guide

As we stated before, the aim of this article is to provide the Sony DSC D770 manual. This is a manual that contains details regarding to this Sony camera product. With this manual, you will be able to find a lot of information such as specification, operation, instruction, spare parts, and others.

Therefore, for you who are interested in learning this product deeper, the Sony DSC D770 manual below will be perfect. The manual will be provided in PDF in order to give you easy and flexible access. So, for you who want to use this manual, we advise you to download PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 1.18MB)

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That’s all of the information regarding to the Sony DSC D770 manual. We hope it can be useful, to update your knowledge toward this digital camera product.

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