Sony Alpha A850 Manual, Manual of Sony Full Frame SLR with Affordable Price

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    1. Sony Alpha A850 Introduction
    2. The Overall Look of Sony Alpha A850
    3. Sony Alpha A850 Specification
    4. Price of Sony Alpha A850
    5. Sony Alpha A850 User Manual Guide

Sony Alpha A850 Manual Introduction

Sony Alpha A850 Manual, Manual of Sony Full Frame SLR with Affordable PriceThe Sony Alpha A850 Manual is an important manual book, especially for the user of this camera. With this manual book, you will be able to gain a lot of information related to the Sony Alpha A850 camera product.

But, before directly jumping in to the Sony Alpha A850 Manual, it will be better to talk about the specification first. And to begin the talk about it, the overall look of this product will be a good start.

Sony Alpha A850 Overall Look

As the part of Sony Alpha A850 Manual, look seems to be the main concern of Canon. And in this product, it seems like Canon has a little bit lost in this principle. By the design, nothing special you can find in Sony Alpha A850.

Rounded body from composite material used in it will bring solidity and durability. But, the issue still comes from Sony Alpha A850. It is related to the clearance between the handgrip and the lens mounting which is too narrow. Surely, it will be big deal if you have a big size in hand.Sony Alpha A850 Manual, Manual of Sony Full Frame SLR with Affordable Price

The first thing to feel about Sony Alpha A850 is that this camera felt so tough and looks professional with magnesium alloy inside and rubberized layer.

Yes, Sony A850 is dust and moisture free so it is safe to travel freely with this. Handgrip is good with wide sculpted gap between lens mounting and the handgrip that bring comfort and good handling.

Based on the Sony Alpha A850 manual, you will find a stunning LCD with 270dpi in resolution with 98% coverage on the rear side. All photo you take is clearly and vividly displayed on this LCD, sadly gone is the tilting capability.

Sony A850 has dedicated Drive Mode buttons which is place near by the shutter button to make it easy to access. Attractive joystick comes along with Sony A850 make it easy to access menus on it.

The Specification of Sony Alpha A850 Camera

The world of budget SLR camera is getting competitive. Manufacturers try to make the price as low as possible but still with interesting features. Here, Sony has released Sony Alpha A850 as high resolution full frame SLR with its affordable price.

Even, this camera is also considered as the cheapest full frame camera in the market with its high resolution sensor. To compete with the rival Nikon and Canon SLR that has affordable price too, Sony A850 come along with latest features that can be very nice to own.

Sony Alpha A850 Manual, Manual of Sony Full Frame SLR with Affordable PriceAs stated in the Sony A850 manual, this camera comes with high resolution 24.6 MP full frame CMOS sensor with ISO range from 200-3200. The AF lock works very well in Sony A850 with its 9 point AF with 10 assist point and center dual AF w/2.8 sensor.

Latest SteadyShot INSIDE comes along in Sony A850 offering blur-free picture and that is even better with dual BIONZ image stabilizer that works very well in reducing noise. Burst shot is up to 3fps, lower than that of A900 that has 5fps in burst shot if we have to compare.

Other features on Sony A850 are 40 honeycomb segments for metering system, Intelligent Image Preview and Advanced Dynamic Range optimizer. Find another review of Sony Alpha A850 in this page.

Price and Impression of Sony Alpha A850 Camera

Sony Alpha A850 Manual, Manual of Sony Full Frame SLR with Affordable PriceSony A850 is released at the price range of $2000 which is $700 cheaper than that of A900 but you will find quite identical features on both except the resolution that higher on A900 and its better burst shot.

The fact, buying Sony A850 is wiser than buying A900 except you are hungry of resolution.

Battery on Sony A850 is the one which works very well thanks Stamina Mode that allows you take 880 shots in one charge.

Sony Alpha A850 Manual User Guide

As stated before, the aim of providing this article is to bring Sony Alpha A850 manual into the surface. Therefore, for you who are looking for the information related to it, referring to below PDF will be the good idea.

Here, you will find a lot of information regarding to the specification, camera parts, instruction, and others. And as it is stated before, the Sony Alpha A850 manual will be provided in PDF. So, for you who want to access this information, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software.

Download (PDF, 3.11MB)

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