Pentax Optio 33LF Manual for Classical Compact from Pentax

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Table of Content:

    1. Manual Introduction
    2. Overall Look of Pentax Optio 33LF
    3. The Pentax Optio 33LF Specification
    4. Price and Impression of Pentax Optio 33LF
    5. Camera Manual User Guide

An Introduction to Pentax Optio 33LF Manual

Pentax Optio 33LF Manual for Classical Compact from Pentax

It is such a perpetuation that a product, especially for the digital camera product, can’t be separated from its manual. By using this manual, user will be able to understand about their product deeper.

Therefore, operating and treating the camera better will be something possible. This is exactly why we provide the Pentax Optio 33LF Manual. The only aim is to educate the users of this camera to use this product better so that they can result a good photographical image.

The Overall Look of Pentax Optio 33LF

It is generally known that look is something important that becomes a consideration for people in buying digital camera product. With the look, People can instantly attracted to a certain digital camera product.

More than that, sometimes the choice of camera look is also reflecting the personality of owner as well as the classiness of the camera itself. So, before we hit the Pentax Optio 33LF Manual User Guide directly, now we are going to talk about the look of this camera first.

Pentax Optio 33LF Manual for Classical Compact from PentaxAs a compact camera, Pentax Optio 33LF has stylish and futuristic body dimension and very light total weigh. At 109 x 65 x 42 mm body dimension with 225 gram total weight, this camera will be easily to grip in your hand without needing much energy to hold.

Also, having those two measurements, for sure, the Optio 33LF won’t eat too much space to place. So, you are able to save it even in small pouch. Looking to the outlook, the domination of silver is clearly shown to represent dynamic and solid nuance.

The Specification of Pentax Optio 33LF Camera

There are no clear requirements of being good digital camera. What is suitable for you is not always suitable for other people. It is proved that technology is relative. But, a good camera should at least have attractive appearance, responsive performance, and still have high price to be sold. Introducing, the digital compact camera that covers those three requirements, Pentax Optio 33LF. Find out why it is really need for you to put your eyes on it.

Not only wondered you with the attractive appearance, Pentax Optio 33LF will also carried out its best performance. Based on the Pentax Optio 33LF manual, this camera has 3 megapixels sensor resolution with 1/2.7 inches CCD Optical Sensor type. Even it is categorized as small number of pixels, this camera is still able to result the highest image resolution at 1600 x 1200 and 320 x 240 of video resolution.

The Pentax Optio 33LF manual also tells that the images are easily to be set with its selectable ISO (Auto up to 400). More interestingly, it also has five levels of white balance presets, custom white balance, and JPEG quality levels. On the focus and optic, the manufacturer put their trust on 38-114 mm focal length lens with f2.6-5 maximum aperture. This type of lens is capable of making up to 3x zoom with autofocus and manual focus modes.

Thing you would like most is that it will be easy for you to determine the camera setting and view the image and video result live from its 1.6 inches LCD Display. Constructed by 72.000 active dots, the graphic will be displayed in high definition quality that you have never imagined before.

The Price and Impression of Pentax Optio 33LF Camera

Pentax Optio 33LF Manual for Classical Compact from PentaxLooking at sthat superiority, there is no reason for you for rejecting Pentax Optio 33LF as your daily use camera.

The account “titrisol” said that the value for the money is totally excellent, nice image quality, and good construction.

Be a part of Pentax family by getting this product at 299 USD and get the different sensation of photography. Read another review of Pentax Optio 33LF in here.

Pentax Optio 33LF Manual User Guide

As we stated at the beginning of this article, the aim of providing this writing is to bring the Pentax Optio 33LF Manual. This is the manual that will give you the information related to the specification, features, operation, instruction, camera manual, and others.

So, for you who want to look for information regarding to this Canon camera product, referencing to the manual below will be the best thing to do. To give you the better access, we will provide the manual in PDF. So, before reaching out to the manual, it will be better if you download the PDF reader software first.

Download (PDF, 1.64MB)

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That’s all of the information related to the Pentax Optio 33LF Manual. We hope that the information below could be beneficial to update your understanding toward this camera product.

If you have any thoughts about this product in general, we welcome you to put them in the comment session below.  And if you find this information is useful, sharing this article in your personal page will be so much helpful.

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