Leica Q ‘Snow’; New Classy and Premium Leica Camera for the Olympics

Good news came from the west side of Europe where the Germany Delicate Photography Manufacturer, Leica has just released its new edition of its popular Leica Q full-frame camera in collaboration with Swiss Snowboarder Iouri Podladtchikov, called Leica Q ‘Snow’. Technically, this is a white version of the existing Leica Q camera with a little touch of “snowy upgrade” on its design. Offered as limited product, Leica will only manufacture this Winter Olympics special camera in 300 for around the world. Each product will have its own series number, so owning one of these 300 numbers should be a precious thing for collector.

Leica Q ‘Snow’; New Classy and Premium Leica
The New Leica Q ‘Snow’

Leica Q ‘Snow’ Designer: Iouri Podladtchikov

Iouri Podladtchikov has been internationally known as Swiss Olympic gold medalist and world champion snowboarder, who is also Leica-dedicated enthusiast photographer. In professional snowboarding field, Podladtchikov has been known for his brilliant achievement at FIS Snowboarding World Championships, Winter Olympics, and Winter X Games.

He’s also supposed to go for Winter Olympic in Korea this year, but had to cancel it due to his recovery on the injury he got back in 2018 X Games. Besides his snowboarding professional carrier, Iouri Podladtchikov is also known for his interest in photography. He even published two photography books under the age of 29, and intends to open his own studio. And his interest in photography, specifically with Leica’s, that has started since his early 20s makes choosing Podladtchikov as collaborator is definitely Leica’s right decision.

Leica Q ‘Snow’ Design

In respect to ‘Snow’ tag line on its name, Leica Q ‘Snow’ appears to be the white version of the standard Black and metallic Leica Q. The silvery anodized aluminum material can be found on the top and bottom deck and on the control dials as well, giving the camera rock solid impression with nice trimmed curves. And to wrap up the body, Leica chooses to use pure white precious leather that you may be afraid of it’s getting dusty soon as you open up the package.

Leica Q ‘Snow’; Camera with Leather Case and Strap
Leica Q ‘Snow’ Camera with Leather Case and Strap

To complete this premium materials and design, the manufacturer brings up shoe cover accessory from aluminum material, which is actually new for Leica camera line. Besides, premium white leathery case and strap are also available in the box.

In addition, particularly about the dominant white color of the camera, during the partnership announcement of this collaboration, Podladtchikov stated further that the chosen white color is actually not representing “snow”, the thing that a snowboarder must be familiar about. Instead, he stated that the white color choice of Leica Q ‘Snow’ represent his ‘carte blanche’ concept, where he thinks that this color choice is more of a part of his creative process.

Leica Q ‘Snow’ Specifications

The technical things on Leica Q ‘Snow’ are relatively similar to the standard Leica Q camera in the market. Some things that we need to highlight from this camera are Leica Q’s highly respected 24 Megapixel CMOS Full Frame Sensor, and Summilux 28 mm f/1.7 ASPH lens which performs undoubtedly fast resulting on great details and punchy colors. Surely, this will be a pure combination to get better low light performance for architecture, street, and landscape photography. Having industry-leading EVF with 3.68 MP resolutions, this new Leica Q edition offers nothing but better subject composition control like no other camera in competition.

Leica Q ‘Snow’; New Classy and Premium Leica Camera for the Olympics

In the video capability, the Leica Q ‘Snow’ can record in full-HD resolution. User can choose to record in 30 or 60 full frames per second in MP4 format depending on the subject and scene they are shooting. Moreover, to provide ease in file sharing, the Q ‘Snow’ is also incorporated with WiFi technology. So, user can control this camera remotely by using Leica Q Apps on their smartphone, or share their photos instantly to their smartphone or tablet just through a simple connection.

As stated before, the overall specification of Leica Q ‘Snow’ is similar to the standard Leica Q. The difference between two premium cameras is only on the design, where Leica Q ‘Snow’ appears with rather “snowy” color with special leather material and anodized aluminum on the top plate, base plate, and controls. And if you want to know more about the technical specification of this camera, you can visit another page: Leica Q Specification.

Leica Q ‘Snow’ Price and Release Date

In the first place, this camera is aimed particularly for collectors, and only offered in very limited number. So, the price of Leica Q ‘Snow’ is really not a joke. Officially, Q ‘Snow’ will be offered in Leica Stores or boutique for about $5,395. It’s much more expensive than the original Q that’s offered in $4,250.

Leica Q ‘Snow’; New Classy and Premium Leica Camera

However, remembering that there will be only 300 unit manufactured, getting one from the store may be so much difficult. And as a result, buying it from second, third, or whatever hand could cost much higher than that. For you who are interested to this snow white delicacy from Leica, you got to wait a little bit longer since this product is estimated to start shipping on March 2018.

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