Kodak FZ43 Manual for Kodak Simply Stylish Compact

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    1. Introduction to Kodak FZ43 User Guide
    2. The Overall Look of Kodak FZ43
    3. Kodak FZ43 Camera Specification
    4. Price and Impression of Kodak FZ43
    5. Kodak FZ43 User Manual Guide

The Introduction to Kodak FZ43 Manual

It is generally known that a manual book is something that can’t be separated from an electronic product such as digital camera. With this manual, user will be able to get reliable information about the camera itself. Therefore, whenever a user wants to learn more about the camera he/she is using, referencing to the camera manual will be the best thing to do.Kodak FZ43 Manual for Kodak Simply Stylish Compact

Further, not only for user, a manual is also beneficial for enthusiasts who are interested to certain camera product. From here, they can gain a lot of information regarding to the specification, setting, features, Camera parts, and so on. Therefore, we can say that a manual can be complement for a camera product.

This is also the reason of why we aim to bring the Kodak FZ43 Manual here. With this manual, we hope that we can help both user and enthusiast to learn more about this Sony camera product.

The Overall Look of Kodak FZ43 Camera

Well, before jumping in to the Kodak FZ43 Manual, here we are going to talk about the specification of this product first. And to start the discussion, we will begin with the most obvious thing first, the overall look of it.

As we see, photography has been a hobby for millions of people all over the world. In the recent era, everyone can be photographer at least for their own social media to share their stories through pictures. Seeing this golden opportunity, many digital cameras Kodak came with its new product, Kodak FZ43. Kodak FZ43 Manual for Kodak Simply Stylish CompactAs mentioned above, KODAK FZ43 is categorized as a compact camera, so it is designed in small and light body. The body dimension is just about 93 x 60.2 x 26.6 mm with the overall weight for approximately 117 gram for body only.

Having these two measurements, for sure, this gadget will give high practicability in use. This Kodak series are available in two optional colors; black and red. Feel free to choose the most suitable one based on your desire.

The Specification of Kodak FZ43

Kodak might be considered as one of the most legendary brand of digital camera. Their dedication in capturing millions of precious moments won’t be replaced. Kodak proves their existence until now in this business arena, not only by releasing DSLRs series but also compacts series camera.

If you are looking for a complete-packaging camera with compact body type, make sure that Kodak FZ43 is leading on the wish list. Promising better performance from its predecessor, this camera gives you the easiness of photography. Get closer with this cool camera through paragraphs below.

Kodak FZ43 Manual for Kodak Simply Stylish CompactEnough for explaining the appearance since everything has just outstanding.

Moving forward to the camera components, you are going to find 16.15 megapixels sensor resolution with 1/2.3 inches CCD Optical Sensor. Having this technology, it is very easy for this cute little camera at resulting highest image resolution of 4608 x 3456.

On the lens sector, Kodak FZ43 manual tells that you are going to find the built-in lens type constructed in seven groups with seven elements. This type of lens could reach up to 4x zoom with Digital Image Stabilization ability.

Not only good at capturing your precious moment, KODAK FZ43 is also doing very well in video recording. Based on the Kodak FZ43 manual, you can record video with MOV format (Motion JPEG). Thing you would like from this camera device is that even it is categorized as small camera, t is completed by large LCD Display.

The manufacturer set 2.7 LCD Panel with 230.000 active pixels inside. On the power supplier sector, AA Alkaline Battery (x2) or AA NiMH Battery (x2) is the best option to produce approximately 120 shots from full-charged condition. Find another review of this camera in here.

Kodak FZ43 Manual for Kodak Simply Stylish CompactThe Specification of Kodak FZ43 Camera

Overall, Kodak FZ43 has what it takes to be a great compact camera. With this compact size, surely it will be easy for you to handle this camera.

On May 18th, 2016, the account “danam0” said that this camera is very simple to be used with intuitive menus and controls. Talking about pricing, the price is starting from 79.95 USD for the new one. If you are in doubt, get one and prove by yourself.

Kodak FZ43 Manual User Guide

The aim of this article is to provide the Kodak FZ43 Manual. With this camera manual, we hope that we can help both users to understand more about this product. So, at the end of the day, they will be able to operate this camera better as well as treat it better too.

And for enthusiast, the Kodak FZ43 manual below will be the best reliable source of information. So whenever you need information about this product, referencing to below manual will be the great idea. But, the manual is provided in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in your device.

Download (PDF, 4.13MB)

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Finally, that’s all of the information that we need to share regarding to this camera product and its manual. With this information, we hope that we can update your understanding toward this camera product. And whenever you face a problem in your Kodak FZ43 camera, the Kodak FZ43 Manual above can be used in helping you to solve it.

Further, if you have any other ideas about it, you are welcomed to put them in the comment session below. And if you think this Kodak FZ43 manual is helpful, you can share this writing in your personal page. So, the information here can spread wider.

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