Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide and Specification

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    1. The Introduction
    2. The Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Whole Appearance
    3. The Camera Specification
    4. The Camera Price and Impression
    5. The User Guide

The Introduction to Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide and SpecificationBy the record, a manual is something that is really important as a complement for an electronic product, especially digital camera. From this manual, there will be a lot of information obtained.

Something like specification, instruction, camera parts, settings, features, and other related information will be something possible to obtain.

This is why we aim to bring the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual here. With this manual, we hope that we can help users as well as enthusiasts to understand more about this Canon camera product.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Camera Whole Appearance

Before getting deeper to the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual and its specification, firstly, we will talk about the overall look of this camera first. As we all know, it is generally stated that upgrading the products from time to time is the digital camera manufacturer’s key success.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide and SpecificationThis step is done to fulfill the users need as well as following the world’s trend. By this reason, Canon also pays more attention on this thing.

Not only upgrading the specification, but they also upgraded the look of it. Are you curious about it? Here is the review of Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 camera Look.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 is categorized as ultra-compact camera (higher than conventional compact camera) based on its appearance and specification.

Made by metal, the chassis will resist from accidental drop or shock. As a good ultra-compact’s, this camera has ergonomic body with the dimension of 95 x 54 x 22 mm. If you are trying to weigh the overall weight, it is just approximately 127 gram including battery and memory card.

ELPH 160 is available in red, black, white, and silver. Feel free to choose based on your desire. There is nothing to add or remove since everything has been prepared perfectly.

The Specification of Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Camera

Digital camera nowadays is not a luxurious gadget anymore since everyone can own it with very affordable price. And so do you. If you are looking for digital camera device, make sure that your gadget at least fulfilling these three requirements; design, performance, and brand. Design represents your personality. So, make sure you are choosing the most suitable one.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide and SpecificationPerformance determines every single process inside the camera, choose the sophisticated one. The last, consider the branding. Selecting certain product from trusted brand ensures its quality.

Those three requirements can be stated in Canon PowerShot ELPH 160. Find out the details below. Can you believe that this cute little camera is set by 20 megapixel sensor resolution?

Yes, based on the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 manual, it’s also completed by 1/2.3 inches CCD Optical Sensor Type, this part of camera is capable of resulting the highest image resolution at 5152 x 3864. On the camera processor, the manufacturer put their trust on DIGIC 4+ technology for rapid and fast file processing.

For those who are willing to record video, Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 works very well for this duty. Providing video resolution of 1280 x 720 @25p, enjoy MPEG-4 video type with clear voice.

Thing you will like from this device is that the LCD Display. Constructed by 230.000 active dots, this 2.7 inches TFT LCD panel brings high definition pictures in easy way. Last but not least, you can speak much with the bundled battery, NB-11L/LH. This type of battery is able to stay until reaching maximum frames at 220.

The Price and Impression of Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Camera

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide and SpecificationCanon PowerShot ELPH 160 is simply a truly ultra-compact camera.

On April 27th 2015, Darius Fox said that this is a great camera for taking good pictures without too much fiddling with the settings.

While talking about pricing, this camera is tagged with the worth price.  Find another review about this camera in here.

So, for you who are interested to it, you can get this camera at 149 USD.

Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual User Guide

We have said previously that the purpose of this article is to bring the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual onto the surface. With this manual, we hope that we can help both user and enthusiast to understand about this camera product more than before.

So, after all, they can be better in operating as well as treating this camera.  And one thing to be noted, that we will provide the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual in PDF file format. So, before downloading it, make sure that you have PDF reader software installed in it.

Download (PDF, 3.17MB)

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Lastly, that’s all of the information we need to share regarding to the Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual. Hopefully, what we can share here will be able to update your technological knowledge, especially for Canon PowerShot ELPH 160 Manual.

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